Welcome to Mayubeatz. I'm Sam Mailloux, the founder, and I'm excited to welcome you on a diverse musical journey into the heart of my music production. As of 2024, I'm thrilled to share my latest endeavor with you – the introduction of sound kits. Over the past nine years, my dedication to being a full-time producer and recording artist has been an evolving musical adventure.

Situated in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, Mayubeatz has grown over the years, driven by a genuine passion for creating music. With over a thousand instrumentals and hundreds of songs under my belt, I've honed my craft using Apple's Logic Pro X. Drawing inspiration from a mix of Hiphop, EDM, R&B, Pop, and whatever else catches my ear, I strive to blend these vibes into something uniquely my own.

My journey began as a producer for other artists, but a pivotal shift occurred when I delved into recording and songwriting, becoming the primary focus of my creative endeavors. This decision marked a significant chapter in my musical exploration, allowing me not only to produce but also to express my own voice as an artist.

Having had the opportunity to perform at major festivals in western Canada like Badlands Music Festival and Chasing Summer, I've also accumulated over a million streams on my Spotify catalog, with songs added to Spotify editorial playlists. Collaborating with talented producers and artists in the industry has become a frequent part of my journey. Recently, I've ventured into the world of Sync licensing, signing with multiple sync agencies specializing in music placements for TV, film, movies, commercials, and other media projects.  Additionally, I've also had one of my songs released on Excision's label, Subsidia Records, in February 2024.

As a pianist, I intricately play the majority of the melodies in my productions by hand, adding a personal touch to each composition. Despite amassing a wealth of beats over the years, my focus shifted towards establishing myself as an independent artist, unintentionally leaving behind a trove of incredible material created during my earlier days as a composer.

In 2024, I've decided to revisit that treasure trove with my enhanced skill set and embark on a new venture – creating sound kits. This marks a return to my roots as a composer, and I'm thrilled to share these meticulously crafted elements with fellow music producers and composers. Each sound kit encapsulates my musical experience, merging technical skill with a genuine love for composition.

Mayubeatz is all about growth, discovery, and the never-ending quest for musical expression. I extend an invitation for you to join me in this sonic adventure, as we explore the depths of creativity, rediscover forgotten melodies, and celebrate the evolving chapters of our music journeys. Stay tuned for more sound kits, melodies, and more.